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Cinema Antiques Collections


The Cinema Antiques™ website and collections are dedicated to antique and collectible equipment & artifacts of the motion picture industry. Our antique collection represents the Machine Age, Art Deco Age, Streamline Age and the Mid Century Modern Age of equipment creation. Like artifacts of an ‘ancient’ civilization, these rare legendary finds from Hollywood’s Golden Age of motion picture technology, have a secure and appreciating place in history.

We have been experts in the arena of antique and modern motion picture equipment for well over 50 years and have an ongoing dedication to these iconic items.

We have great interest in curating and buying early and mid century production equipment from cameras to lighting instruments to microphones to actual film on reels and associated movie studio equipment & artifacts.

Let us know if you have any items for sale or in need of correct refurbishment.

We primarily sell our Cinema Antiques to: collectors, Museums, filmmakers, residential interior designers, commercial designers, architects, antique shops, and individuals who appreciate the significant and unique nature of antique and collectible motion picture equipment.

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