Some items may be fully or partially restored but many items are in their original, as found, state with all their decades of Studio working patina, intact.

We usually offer several levels of presentation condition on most of our antiques:

  1. As found with all original patina. No amelioration or correction of aged patina.
  2. Patina enhancement that may include some of the following procedures: correct and gentle cleaning, enhancement of original patina, enhancement of original paint, minor paint and finish touch up, advanced patina enhancement, advanced minor paint corrections.
  3. Partial finish refurbishment and major touch up, using correct materials and finishes.
  4. Complete finish refurbishment, using correct materials and finishes or a reasonable finish choice by the client.
  5. Full museum quality correct restoration to the original manufactured state with some original patina features still

Please inquire as to the restorative level we suggest for your antique.

All restorations are completed by hand in our own workshops.

We always suggest keeping antiques as original as possible, but the buyers’ desires are always considered and satisfied when at all possible.

Only real authenticated motion picture equipment antiques are offered by Cinema Antiques.
We invite you to look over the items presented in our CinemaAntiques.com web site and to please contact us for answers to your questions or requests for items shown here or items you may be searching for.

Cinema Antiques™,
A Division of PVF Equipment Co., Inc.
email: CinemaAntiques@aol.com
Ph: 972 869 0011

Early Primitive Television Monitor Component Sculpture on Wood Base

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