Circa Mid 20th Century Fully Working 16mm Sound on Film Movie Projector for Decorative Display or Actual Use


Circa Mid 20th Century Fully Working 16mm Sound on Film Movie Projector for Decorative Display or Actual Use

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Circa Mid 20th Century Fully Working 16mm Sound on Film Movie Projector for Decorative Display or Actual Use

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Offered for your consideration is this mid 20th century 16mm cinema projector by the famous Japanese manufacturer, Eiki.

This is a fully working, auto load (self threading) projector for 16mm film that can be used for actual projection of films and movies with or without sound or can be used as a decorative display piece in your library, screening room, media room or office.

It includes the most expensive lens available, a Kowa Prominar and is in excellent physical and cosmetic condition, sporting a chocolate brown & black finish and shiny chrome.

A gorgeous piece to use or to display.

A segment of 16mm film with be included with 2 reels, but the color and size and shape of the reels may vary due to availability.

As with all of our pieces, a signed and sealed “Certificate of Authenticity”, suitable for framing, is included with your purchase.

NOTE: Our selling prices are usually pre discounted
and intended to be at ‘Designer Net’
and ‘To The Trade’ price levels.
However, we ALWAYS welcome discussions and exploration
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~Like artifacts of an ancient civilization –
these rare legends
of early Motion Picture and related
production equipment technology –
have a secure and appreciating
place in history. ~

About CinemaAntiques:

CinemaAntiques has dedicated workshops, warehouses and galleries in Dallas Texas USA where we prepare, display and sell our rare Motion Picture equipment antiques.

Our Cinema Antiques are perfect for display in residential, industrial and museum settings. Collectors and museums worldwide are some of our clients. Our antiques also offer a unique sculpture look that is one of a kind and awe inspiring. We can gladly arrange gallery visits by appointment.

We offer one of the most complete and accurately curated selections of authentic Cinema Antiques, for sale, in the world. Many of our items were used in actual Hollywood Feature Motion Pictures, and we can only imagine the Movie Stars and entertainment Giants that paraded in front of these lights and cameras. As decorative “sculpture” or authentic Hollywood Cinema and Entertainment Memorabilia, our Cinema Antiques offer both a collectible and historical piece of the Hollywood Movie Industry, while at the same time presenting as an artistic and industrial piece of sculpture for your home, business or collection.

Our design staff believes that a well-curated room with unique artifact antique decor, can really add drama and creativity to a space. Exceptional décor will reflect the unique personality of both you and your room and also be that special focus and conversation starter your guests and clients will love.

All items sold and offered are presented as fairly and honestly as possible and we invite buyers to visit our Gallery prior to purchase, to view any antiques of interest.

We have been active collectors and curators of vintage Motion Picture Equipment for over 50 years. During this time we have amassed a superb and rare ongoing collection of antique: movie cameras, Hollywood studio lights, film studio audio / microphones and other highly collectible artifacts of the Hollywood Film Production Industry.

We have been selling collectible Cinema Antiques since 1969 and are experts in the field. We have done certified cinema movie equipment appraisals for Banks, have served as Expert Witnesses in the legal system and have given our expert guidance to various museums.

We specialize in CERTIFIED Cinema Antiques and Artifacts Circa 1900 to 1969 and beyond, representing the Art Nouveau, Machine Age, Art Deco, Industrial Age and Mid Century Periods.

All of our antiques are guaranteed to be as described and photographed.

Our prices do not include taxes or additional accessory items that may be available or show in some photographs.

We offer partial or full refurbishment and various levels of restoration services at our Dallas Workshop. All antique items sold are carefully preserved, cleaned and gently prepared at no extra charge according to the wishes of our buyers. We prefer to offer original ‘preserved’ Cinema Antiques showing original patina and use from years of cinema production work. However, minor to full restoration is available at additional cost.

We are quite pleased to offer additional photographs of any of our Cinema Antiques.
Our inventory is regularly changing so please inquire after any special antiques you may be searching for.

Our President and Curator, Bill Reiter, is always personally available to discuss your individual needs and queries.
Bill is proud to have professional credentials and affiliations, as follows:

– B. A. (Diplomate, Cinema, City University of New York),
– D. P. (Director Of Photography),
– S. O. C. (Member, Society of Operating Cameramen),
– S. M. P. T. E. (Member, Society Of Motion Picture And Television Engineers),
– S. I. A. V. T. (Diplomate, Sony Institute of Applied Video Technology, Hollywood)
– CINEMATHEQUE FRANCAISE, PARIS (Cine Antique Technical Consultant)
– PATHE FILM FOUNDATION, PARIS (Cinema Antique Technical Consultant)
– PETERSON AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM (Cinema Antique Technical Consultant)
– INSTITUTE FOR MEDIA ARTS (Board of Directors)
– USA FILM SCHOOL (President)
– BACA Film Festival, (Certificate of Merit & Official Entrant, Brooklyn New York)
– FILMMAKING INSTRUCTOR, former, (City University of New York)
– DALLAS INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Supporter & Official Cinema Antique Supplier)
– DALLAS FILM SOCIETY (Supporter & Official Cinema Antique Supplier)
– Official Supplier of Cinema Equipment Antiques To Heritage Auctions,
The World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer
– Industry Recognized “Distinctive” Antique Dealer
– DECORATIVE ARTS SOCIETY [Decaso] (Founding Member)
– CINEMA ANTIQUE SUPPLIER (Oliver Stone’s Film “Born On The 4th Of July)
– RALPH LAUREN CORPORATION (Cinema Antique Consultant)
– NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY (Official Cinema Antiques Supplier)
– REPRESENTED BY SAATCHI ART GALLERY (for Component Art & Sculptures)
– FINANCIAL TIMES OF LONDON (Featured Article on Cinema Antiques, 9/17)

– We have been proud to work with many filmmaking professionals over the years, including:

Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles, Steven Spielberg, Carl Lerner ACE, James Giritlian ACE, George Lucas, Oliver Stone, Haskel Wexler ASC, Willie Nelson, Paul Bartel, The Maysles Brothers, Robert Rodriguez, Victor Duncan ASC, Linwood Dunn ASC, Harry Walsh ASC, Roy Wagner ASC, Steven Poster ASC
and many others, addressing their DEMANDING cinema
equipment needs.

Due to the special ‘one of a kind’ nature of rare artifact antiques, we remind our clients that all antiques are subject to prior sale.

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