Component Art Wall Hanging: “JVC-7001” Sculptor Signed

Component Art Wall Hanging: “JVC-7001” Sculptor Signed

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Offered for your consideration is this Component Art wall hanging by our resident component art sculptor, Bill Reiter.

“JVC-7001” is signed and ready for hanging.

This 25 pound work has been clearly abused, beat to a bloody pulp, re-formed by the artist and reshaped into what you see and feel here.

An example of re-formed retro tech showing the results of re working a once modern and high tech machine into a new mangled view of obsolete technology.

A perfect statement wall hanging sculpture, exploring many aspects of old, once high tech now turned into retro tech salvage, that can describe one view of our current and future disposable world.

The piece was once a glistening, near A.I. marvel and now is a hulk of materials to be seriously contemplated.


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