Pathe 28mm Hand Crank Movie Projector, Circa 1918, With Film. Vintage Sculpture


Pathe 28mm Hand Crank Movie Projector, Circa 1918, With Film. Vintage Sculpture

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Pathe 28mm Hand Crank Movie Projector, Circa 1918, With Film. Vintage Sculpture

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Offered for your approval, this rare example of a PATHE Freres Cinematograph Hand Cranked 28mm Motion Picture Projector is sitting on the original circa 1918 wood base board and cranks film.

Included is a reel of factory original Circa 1912, 28MM Motion Picture Film, original power cord, original belts and gears and original power supply for lamp with rheostat. The original factory lens is not present but we have fabricated and installed a tribute prop lens suitable for display.

This model was made in France for the USA Distributor, who sold them with USA voltage correction out of the New York City office in the later ‘teens’.

Never repainted or restored, but cleaned up and buffed gently, this is an original artifact of the circa 1918 era of Motion Pictures.

The 28mm format of film was developed by The PATHE Brothers, in Paris, France, so they could offer an exclusive format of non flammable film stock to compete with the nitrate and highly flammable format of 35mm film currently in use at the time.

This is a truly rare piece that we present for your consideration in hand cranking, film transporting, as-is condition. We do offer an optional restoration procedure for this unit, but prefer to sell it as it sits complete with all the glorious intact patina that has accumulated since Circa 1918. A full detailing and cleaning is supplied to the buyer at no extra cost, done in our Dallas Workshops. As this artifact sits, it is of museum quality and significance.

With a proper detailing and clean up, this antique is a magnificent artifact to display as a sculpture at home, in a collection, museum or at the office or studio.

This model of the KOK 28mm hand crank unit has the factory offered electric powered illumination options. But film transport for projection was still accomplished by the hand crank mechanism.

Now included at no extra charge: One reel of original early 20th Century 28MM film in the factory original PATHE Green film tin.
The original display film comes in a correct original PATHE factory tin. This reel of 28MM factory issued original film is EXTREMELY RARE and valuable on its own!

A significant find at a reduced price.

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