Vintage Mitchell BNC-R Feature Film Camera, Ex: John Ford & Paramount Studios

Vintage Mitchell BNC-R Feature Film Camera, Ex: John Ford & Paramount Studios

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Vintage Mitchell BNC-R Feature Film Camera Ex: John Ford & Paramount Studios

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Submitted for your consideration is this early Mitchell BNC(R) 35mm motion picture camera, serial number 32.

This camera was built by Mitchell as a BNC 35mm feature film camera in 1945,  just after World War II, and sold to the Mark Armistead Hollywood Rental Company in around 1946.

Armistead was the leading feature film camera rental house in Hollywood at the time and was the exclusive rental house to supply film director John Ford with cameras for his films after the war.
Armistead and Ford worked together in the Navy during the war shooting government films and became lifelong friends from that time forward.

This BNC camera was very likely involved in the shooting of several John Ford films from 1946 to circa 1960 and shot other major Hollywood feature films during that time.

This BNC camera was then sold in the early 1960s to Paramount Studios where it worked on a variety of feature and television projects. During this time Paramount had it converted by Cinema Products Corporation of Hollywood to a CP Pellicle BNCR reflex conversion. While at Paramount is was also refinished in the typical “BLUE” Paramount camera color used by the studio for these large cameras owned by the studio.

After its years at Paramount, it was sold to (Claude) Cheveraux Film Camera Rentals in Paris France in circa 1972 where it continued to work shooting feature films and commercials.

Cheveraux was a famous DP turned rental house proprietor in Paris. He was the main supplier for feature film cameras in the 60’s and 70’s. Cheveraux sold it to the current private collector owner in the early 80’s.

The camera is in excellent condition and with a fresh clean and lube will be ready to shoot. It has the CP Crystal Motor and a large variety of accessories, magazines, motors and cases included with it. Lenses are not included but available additionally.

The pictured Worrall Geared Head and Standard wooden legs are available for additional cost.

Legendary Mitchell Motion Picture Cameras shot over 80% of all the feature movies ever produced in Hollywood and most of the world.

This iconic camera package represents the MUST HAVE display piece for any serious collector or museum or for someone who wants a world class piece of Hollywood tech sculpture in their home or office.

This is the only early BNC(R) camera with the famous Paramount colors we have had and are proud to offer. Buy your icon before these rare antiques are all sold and sitting in special collections and museums world wide.

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