Antique Tripod Display “Super Sticky Feet” Spreaders For All Spike Foot Vintage Tripods

Antique Tripod Display “Super Sticky Feet” Spreaders For All Spike Foot Vintage Tripods


Antique Tripod Display “Super Sticky Feet” Spreaders For All Spike Foot Vintage or Modern Tripods

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Offered for your approval is our new invention for ALL of your spike footed antique and vintage camera tripods.

We have been developing this product for years and have been using it with our antique tripods.

When added to the spike of ANY spike foot tripod, these PATENTED Sticky Feet Discs will give you an instant slip free positive tripod spreader grip like NOTHING you have ever used. NOT rubber, as rubber feet WILL always slip.
Not a heavy, ugly, metal spreader that is usually BOLDLY era incorrect and an eyesore.
Our  FluidFlex SUPER SPREADERS  are sold in a set of 3 Sticky Feet Discs.
Developed from a patented NON RUBBER Space Age Super Sticky material that will let you lock your tripod onto any smooth or semi smooth surface. 
Just place it, spike it and display your tripod on:
Marble, glass, tile, polished wood, formica, low pile carpet, brick, laminate, lucite, plexiglass, sheet metal, plastic, engineered wood, slate, granite, polished stone… ANY CLEAN SLICK SURFACE… NO PROBLEM.
Note that the heavier the camera and tripod combination, the better the Super Spreaders work !
Get rid of those cumbersome, ugly, era INCORRECT triangles / spreaders and use our discreet, almost invisible FluidFlex SUPER SPREADER.
These work better and look better than all spreaders on slick smooth dry surfaces. 
DISCRETE, tiny, portable, effective, EXTREME positive grip.
These FluidFlex Super Spreaders are perfect for your antique or vintage display camera. 
Tiny, almost invisible and SLIP PROOF on smooth floors.
We use a these in our antique gallery to support and discretely display our antique cameras and wood tripods.
FluidFlex SUPER SPREADER SET OF THREE: $199.00/set
SPECIAL 2020 Superb Summer Sale PRICE: $149.00/set
WHY use our FluidFlex SUPER SPREADERS for vintage camera collectors?
1. Tiny size almost invisible
2. NON SLIP up to 300 LBS
3. COST efficient
4. Shock absorbing material
5. Easy to set up
6. Black color 
7. GUARANTEED against defects
8. Space Age material, like nothing else
9. FAST set up
10. Super Hardened Polyester ‘Alloy’ Spike Cup
12.EXTREME light weight
13.Keep a spare set
15. NON Toxic
16. Latex Free
17. Will not mar any surface
18. Will hold a spiked foot tripod leg NON SLIP
19. Rubber free
20. For use on DRY surfaces only


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