Mid 20th Century “Sea Hunt” Bolex Underwater Cinema Camera Housing With Tripod

Mid 20th Century “Sea Hunt” Bolex Underwater Cinema Camera Housing With Tripod

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Bolex Underwater Cinema Camera Housing with Tripod, Vintage, Classic, As Sculpture

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Offered here for your consideration is this circa 1950s Bolex – Paillard Swiss Made 16mm underwater motion picture camera housing on a mid century Majestic crank up metal tripod with a geared tripod head usable for display purposes.

This housing has connection to the 1950’s SEA HUNT, TV program.

Showing the scars of underwater cinematography during its professional working life, this wonderful display piece will look good in both a residential or commercial / industrial decor application.

The camera housing had been re sprayed at one point in the past and has the original lens viewing port and hand wind crank and handles in place. An odd and wonderful artifact of the underwater cinematography technology of the mid 20th century. It can still take a Bolex camera (not included) and shoot underwater films with a basic service done first.

The Majestic tripod and geared head is well patinated, vintage (shows some black respray to legs) and also circa mid 20th century. The tripod will crank up to achieve an overall display height for the camera housing of up to 68 inches.

This MODEL underwater camera housing was used, on screen, in the mid 1950s TV series, “Sea Hunt” starring Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson, a former US Navy ‘Frogman.’

We have documentation that this MODEL CAMERA HOUSING appears on screen in the Sea Hunt Episode “Proof of Guilt”.

That episode is listed as Call # DB 643, Release #1072, Production #57B.

It was released on August 16, 1959.

The images, clearly show Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) with a Bolex underwater housing in hand.

We can certify that “A” Bolex underwater housing did appear on screen in the episode referenced, but we do not know absolutely that the Bolex housing that appeared on screen was in fact the housing we are offering here. ‘Hear say’ tells us it may very well be, but without serial numbers of both pieces, we cannot know for sure.

Note that the Sea Hunt prop department added a sunshade to the front of the housing to give it more of an appearance as a “camera”, but in actual shooting these sunshades were not used.

This 1959 Sea Hunt episode is also recognized as the first TV program to show an interracial kiss.
It was between Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) and his Asian co-star Nobu McCarthy (Atsumi).

Any statements of provenance or authenticity represents The Firm’s studied opinion but it shall be understood by all parties concerned that this opinion is not to be considered a guarantee of its accuracy nor will it create any liability on the part of The Firm or officers of said Firm arising out of the reliance on the information supplied herein.

A wonderful display package for a filmmaker, underwater aficionado, Sea Hunt fan or unique sculpture collector. Great for the pool house, cabana or bar at the dock. Can be displayed outdoors as it is “waterproof.”

Note: we have several other vintage underwater camera housings for a great ‘instant’ collection opportunity.

As with all of our pieces, a signed and sealed “Certificate of Authenticity” is included with your purchase.

Dimensions stated are approximate. Please contact us for exact measurements.

the antique is sold with a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity suitable for framing.

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