Circa 1920’s American Made 16mm Metal Hand Crank Cinema Projector


Circa 1920’s American Made 16mm Metal Hand Crank Cinema Projector

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Circa 1920’s American Made 16mm Tin Hand Crank Cinema Projector

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This recently discovered, American made, 16mm hand crank projector has original, very well patinated 1920’s black paint and is physically complete and gorgeous.

Made, circa the later 1920’s, in Bridgeport CT by the Lindstrom Co, this piece is all there and has the iconic look of a classic and very early 16mm home movie projector which would grace any bookshelf or table in a home, media room or office.

Measuring over 10″ tall, this piece is sold as a display artifact and has not been restored for correct operation but the look is fabulous and authentic.

The hand crank works smoothly. The original factory label is in place and not fully intact but is mostly there. The slip on red hand crank handle end cover was added in later years and can be easily slipped off and removed for original accuracy. Buyers choice.

This projector is supplied loaded with a reel of early 16mm double perforated silent b&w film, also included for an accurate and proper display.

Our Cinema Antiques are all original and authentic and sold as display pieces and not for operational use.

While some pieces may be working, due to the ancient electricals and mechanicals, and the weakness of original wiring and similar components, we sell these as display pieces to be admired and not to be put into actual use.



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