Bolex Mid-Century Motion Picture Graphic / Animation Stand As Sculpture. Rare. Swiss Made.

Bolex Mid-Century Motion Picture Graphic / Animation Stand As Sculpture. Rare. Swiss Made.

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Mid-Century Motion Picture Graphic / Animation Stand As Sculpture. Rare

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Submitted for your approval is this Circa Mid-Century Bolex Paillard Animation / Titling stand. This is a vintage piece, with all Swiss made components. A vintage Bolex camera is included as is the original factory wood case / trunk with dozens of accessories including the pictured original Bolex Paillard animation alignment grid. Unbelievable sculpture potential. Lots of chrome, stainless and high grade silver colored hammer tone baked on paint.

The whole unit including the well articulated (six way) side lights and spring loaded tape measure for camera height and focus, work correctly. The lights offer a beautiful illumination for display using lower wattage, warm household lamps.

Still can be used by a filmmaker or videomaker to do titling, animation and special effects. Will accommodate other cameras for use or for a unique sculpture display.

A very rare piece that appears to be new and unused. Superb Swiss made quality.

Stored for decades in the original wooden trunk case, that appears handmade and seems to have wonderful display value on its own with the custom fitted raw natural wood interior finish. No mildew odor or rot. No damage. Will be sold cleaned and polished.

This basic piece of Bolex Paillard equipment was designed by Bolex in the late 1940s and continued to be advanced in complication through the following decade. Few were sold due to the high cost.
Stands a full 40 inches tall on the floor and even taller if table or pedestal mounted.

Offered as a wonderfully impressive display artifact sculpture for studio, home, office or in a collection.

A true vintage Motion Picture Film artifact of the mid-20th century.

As with all of our pieces, a signed and sealed Certificate Of Authenticity is included with your purchase.

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