Mitchell BNCR Iconic Full Camera Blimp Total Sculpture Circa 1950s, on Vintage Tripod

Mitchell BNCR Iconic Full Camera Blimp Total Sculpture Circa 1950s, on Vintage Tripod

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Mitchell Circa 1940’s  BNC, then converted to a circa 1950’s BNCR. Iconic Full Camera Blimp Total Sculpture, on Vintage Tripod and head.

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Submitted for your approval is this circa mid-20th century Mitchell BNC camera, Hollywood made by Mitchell Camera Corporation. A later Mitchell Reflex BNCR Camera Service Center (NYC) Mirror Reflex Conversion. This is only the outer sound proof blimp housing.

Appears to be a totally complete camera when on display but the internal camera itself was delicately removed some 40 years ago and used as a converted MOS 2 perf camera for feature film production shooting. This rare complete and accurate blimp housing was in an overseas collection for all these years. Again, there is no camera included in this artifact. Only the external camera housing, that externally looks exactly like the original BNC camera did.

The full camera was last used in Australia, hence the unique Australian tripod head included.

The patina of age including some minor surface rust, paint degradation, and dust is all intact. This BNCR camera blimp artifact sculpture is offered as is with none of the original patina removed, cleaned or ameliorated OR we can offer it cosmetically cleaned at no extra charge if sold at full gallery price.
Buyers choice.

The original camera was made as a model BNC by Mitchell Camera Corporation, circa early 1940s. We expect this camera would have shot MANY feature films in New York, Hollywood and on location.

It was last owned by a DP in Australia. We are researching this camera and will update this listing and advise the buyer as more provenance comes in.

This very rare correct blimp housing has been in storage since the 80s and has remained untouched since then.

This kit is sold complete as shown. It has a Cooke 25mm Speed Panchro vintage lens mounted for display (only) purposes. Also included is the factory correct matte box, correct box rods, correct follow focus system, correct camera inching knob, correct side finder, correct carry handles, and correct magazine blimp.

It sits on a rare and HUGE Australian made Miller Heavy Pro tripod head that is also of the correct vintage. A wood vintage tripod and large heavy duty mid century vintage CineKad tripod dolly are also included. Other tripod options and choices are always available so please ask.

Offered as a sculpture display in a collection, at home, at the office, studio or in a museum. As with all of our large camera pieces, this is a wonderful large sculpture that will grace any display venue you choose.

A truly rare find that has recently surfaced overseas and is now in our gallery.

Makes a wonderful Hollywood 35mm Motion Picture Studio artifact display / sculpture piece.


This original model BNC camera that this originated as,  is the same model used to film “CASABLANCA” in 1942.

We can crate and ship this piece anywhere in the world, it can also ship blanket wrapped via household moving van or you may come by and proudly take it home.

As with all of our pieces, a signed and sealed ~Certificate of Authenticity~ is always included with your purchase.

~Like artifacts of an ancient civilization –
these rare legends
of early Motion Picture and related
production equipment technology –
have a secure and appreciating
place in history.~

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