AMPRO Circa 1947 Early Model Side Projector. Pristine Original On


AMPRO Circa 1947 Early Model Side Projector. Pristine Original On

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Offered for your approval is this Early Circa 1947 AMPRO slide projector on early style factory wood platform.

Beautiful condition, appears as new,  for display in any fine home, office or studio.

A gorgeous example.

The AMPRO Projector Corporation was founded in 1914.

Ampro’s 85 year-old founder Axel A. Monson (the name was an adaptation of “Axel Monson Products”) recalled the exact circumstances his company faced when his Precision Projector hit the market.

 “In 1929 Ampro had 150 employees,” Monson told writer Dorothy Dent. “Before we were able to get on top of the Depression, we reduced our staff to 26 people, including the switchboard operator, myself, and the entire factory personnel. When machinery in our factory wore out, we could not afford to replace it. . . . At the end of each week, we spread out the bookkeeping sheets and considered them carefully. We paid suppliers what we could, and divided anything left among the employees. Many weeks our employees didn’t get paid at all!”

Monson didn’t set himself apart from his dwindling workforce, either. “I fed my family of four on a dollar a day,” he said, “sometimes as little as seventy-five cents.”

 With all this in mind, it becomes particularly impressive to learn that Ampro not only survived these early years, but flourished in a highly competitive market over the subsequent quarter-century. They could never match local giants Bell & Howell in innovations or film projector sales, nor arch rival DeVry when it came to dominance in the field of educational film products. But with over 400 workers in its employ by the early 1950s, Ampro was an undeniable force—yet another representative of Chicago’s unmatched cine-quipment industry.

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